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Cartoon Movie Pays Tribute To European Film Companies

The Cartoon Movie Tributes were awarded during the closing evening of Cartoon Movie, the forum dedicated to European animation feature films, that took place in the Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam, Germany from March 14-16, 2002. Three European companies were selected from seven nominees who have made a significant mark on the animation feature film industry. The Cartoon Movie Tributes reward European strategies, outstanding facts, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on the European animation feature film industry.And the winners are

The Belgian distributor Cinélibre-Cinéart

For the Best Distribution of European Animation Films

In the past two years, Cinélibre-Cinéart has distributed thirteen animated films, among them PETTERSSON & FINDUS, BÉCASSINE, LE TRÉSOR VIKING, CHICKEN RUN, LA GABIANELLA & IL GATTO, BABAR, ROI DES ELÉPHANTS and LA SOURIS DU PÈRE NOËL.

The German company Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film

For their global development strategy

Rothkirch/Cartoon-Film has negotiated an agreement with Warner Bros. Film GmbH for the national and international distribution of the films TOBIAS TOTZ UND SEIN LÖWE and THE LITTLE POLAR BEAR. Over 2,600,000 people saw THE LITTLE POLAR BEAR in Germany, and the English version is now ready for the international market.

The Irish studio TerraGlyph

For the Best European Cooperation Policy

TerraGlyph is one of Irelands largest animation production facilities and specializes in traditional and 3D animation. They have produced several feature films with European companies including CARNIVALE with Millimages in France, HELP ! IM A FISH with A.Film in Denmark, DUCK UGLY with Moro Studio in Spain and MOBY DICK: THE LEGEND RETURNS with Trixter Film GmbH in Germany.