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Cartoon Creativity With Bill Plympton

Cartoon Creativity, a Cartoon Master organized with the support of the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Union, will be held in Halle, Germany on April 25-27, 2002. The seminar will take a hard look at the process of creation, from the very first spark of the original idea to the production of a film or a TV series. TV channel representatives Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Suzanne Müller and Sebastian Debertin, producers Stephan Schesch, Dominique Boischot, Guillaume Hellouin and Robin Lyons and legal expert Stéphane Lieser, will also consider the link between economy and creativity. Author-directors Bill Plympton, Piet De Rycker and Barbara Slade will comment on the stages in the creation of a project. Graphic artist Jean-Baptiste Cuvelier will provide insight on design and character development. And finally, composer Normand Roger will lead discussions and a workshop on editing, soundtracks and an animated film's or series' acoustic universe. Registration fee: 400 EURO - Deadline: April, 10 2002. For more information visit