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Cartoombria 2000 Takes A Hard Look At The Current Status Of Animation

* Thursday, November 23 Saturday, November 25, 2000. Perugia, Italy.

Cartoombria 2000: 6th International Animation Exhibition showcases the current status of animation. The event will provide viewers multimedia stations, a video/program viewing room and a special conference room where it will be possible to meet participating authors and technicians. The festival will focus on digital and multimedia animation with an emphasis on game development. The festival will hold events highlighting international schools focusing on computer animation, new media and Web animation. For more information contact the Cartoombria Exhibition at: Via Bontempi, 25-06122 Perguia, Italy; Tel.: ++39 075 572 67 64; Fax: ++39 075 572 67 68; E-mail:; or Web:

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