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Carol Burnett Sues Fox Over Family Guy

Comedian Carol Burnett has issued a suit in U.S. District Court against 20th Century Fox, claiming that an episode of FAMILY GUY violated copyright law, her right to publicity and misappropriation of name and likeness. In the "Peterotica" episode, Burnett's "Charwoman" character is represented as Burnett working in an adult film shop. Burnett is seeking damages of more than $6 million.

In the suit, Burnett states that FOX contacted her in 2005 asking to use THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW theme song in an episode of FAMILY GUY. After rejecting the request, Burnett claims that FOX had the episode "rewritten to disparage Ms. Burnett using Ms. Burnett's signature ear tug." The episode refers to Burnett's signature ear tug sign off then uses the reference to make a sexual innuendo. Additionally, during the scene a "slightly altered version of Carol's Theme is playing."

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