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Carlton to License Captain Scarlet Toys

Carlton International announced it would oversee the development of a range of licensed products to coincide with the recently announced remake of the popular 1960s Supermarionation show, CAPTAIN SCARLET. Licensing activity will focus around the revamped cast of characters and vehicles. The Carlton Consumer Division will be handling all video/DVD opportunities as well as a full cross-category range of merchandise led by an interactive deal to be commissioned by show creator Gerry Anderson.

Anderson said, It's all moved on a long, long way since the original puppet series that we created more that 30 years ago. No more strings, no more stilted movement -- in fact, no actual puppets at all. The new CAPTAIN SCARLET will be the ultimate extension of my long held desire to create truly lifelike animation.

Gerry Donohoe, md of the Carlton Consumer Division, added, We are thrilled that Gerry Anderson has chosen to license CAPTAIN SCARLET and produce his new vision of the program and characters for a contemporary audience. We look forward to working with him on this project, which is shaping up to be truly stunning.

The series' plot chronicles the futuristic battle between man and a mysterious, invisible alien race, the Mysterons, and their evil agent on Earth, Captain Black. The more dated parts of the series have been updated giving the multi-cultural Angels more girl power and recasting Colonel White's right hand, Lieutenant Green as a woman. The CGI series should be completed mid 2005. Carlton International will be discussing concepts at Brand Licensing London (Stand 834).

Carlton International Media Ltd, part of the Carlton Communications group, is a media rights owner and rights distributor for a range of broadcasters and independent producers, including Carlton Television, Carlton Factual, Carlton America and U.S. based Carlton Productions LLC. It is one of the largest rights distributors in Europe. For more information, visit

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