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'Captain Cornelius' Now Available on DVD

Cartoon Lagoon Studios announce the release of “Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoon.”

New York, NY -- Cartoon Lagoon Studios announce the Amazon DVD release of their Award-winning TV show, Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoon. Celebrated by Amazon Studios with the “Audience Award” at the 2012 New York Television Festival, the studios’ first two public screenings completely sold out to laughing crowds.

Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoon recaptures the magic of Saturday morning cartoons: a time when all our friends were eating a bowl of cereal and in front of the TV at the same time. Watching everything we loved in that one block of time may have lost meaning today, but Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoon brings back a new level of appreciation to cartoons that have long been forgotten and the DVD makes a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.

An innovative and original show created by the industry’s top creators for children’s cartoons, commercials and cable television programming, the show features some noteworthy talent from: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, The Disney Channel, The Jim Henson Company, Marvel Comics, Archie Comics, WB Animation, MTV and Spike TV.

Executive Produced by Manny Galan and Pat Giles, veteran creators behind numerous animated productions, Captain Cornelius’ Cartoon Lagoon, is a magical animated/puppet adventure about WET WILLY JONES and AXEL RODD McGEE, on their undersea quest aboard the MANTA RAY, a cartoon-retrieving vessel commanded by CAPTAIN CORNELIUS CARTOON. This show plumbs the depths of CARTOON LAGOON in search of the best and the worst cartoons ever made.

Written with both kids and adults in mind, all audiences should enjoy the tongue in cheek, rapid-fire pop culture shenanigans of the undersea crew, as they go fishing for old cartoons at the bottom of Cartoon Lagoon. Captain Cornelius, the wise old Skipper, doles out awful advice to the depressed and morose Axel Rodd McGee, who hated that he is getting older on his birthday. They yank old cartoons from obscurity and “riff” over them as they watch from the submarine’s “theatre,” in an effort to make Axel feel better about life.

Not a typical kids show, Cartoon Lagoon is irreverent along the lines of a MAD Magazine parody, and has a lot of jokes aimed directly at adults.“We aimed to make ourselves laugh first,” says Galán, who created the show, “some of the jokes were unavoidable. We were making fun of old cartoons, and those cartoons had some pretty bizarre moments in them.” Kids will enjoy the basic ridiculousness of the puppet sequences and the classic cartoons, while adults will enjoy the subtle innuendos and pop culture references.

Captain Cornelius is voiced by voiceover legend Chris Phillips (‘Face’ on Nick Jr, Felix the Cat: The Movie, Ice Age, Team Umizoomi, Disney’s Doug and inis the voice of every Network on-air promo, ever, it seems). Others are: Director Euralis Weekes (MTV/NICK veteran), head writer Steve Borst (MAD, Teen Titans, GO! and Breadwinners), puppeteers Michael Schupbach (creator of Johnny and the Sprites), Noel MacNeal (Bear of "Bear in the Big Blue House,) and Frankie Cordero (Avenue Q).

Source: Cartoon Lagoon Studios