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Camp Chaos Webtoons Coming To DVD

In response to the success of the DVD short-film collection "Best of the Web," Multimedia 2000 (M-2K) has announced the release of a follow-up DVD, "Best of the Web, Volume 2." The new installment will highlight the work of The 75-minute DVD will feature episodes of NAPSTER BAD and SAFARI KINGDOM as well as the U.S. election parody FLORI-DUH. "Most of these cartoon shorts were originally developed specifically for the Web, using Macromedia's animation software, Flash," said CampChaos' Bob Cesca. "M-2K is helping spread our message of love and joy to a new platform, DVD, and will bring our delightful blend of lightweight confections and outright religious fanaticism to a whole new audience - the teeming masses of America's couch potatoes. We really can't thank M-2K enough." Karen Pankratz, CFO of Multimedia 2000, said, "Our teams are always surfing the Web for the best animation and films. Titles that are sometimes difficult to download and watch on lowband connections come alive on full-screen DVDs. We are dedicated to bringing this series to a higher level each time we produce a volume, and "Best of the Web Volume 2" is the next step in that direction."

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