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Cameron Readies Project 880

With a December production start for James Cameron's BATTLE ANGEL, the Oscar-winning director is already readying another feature tentatively titled PROJECT 880, his Lightstorm Ent. told the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. Cameron plans to shot the film in 3D with custom-designed high-definition cameras as well as a photo-real performance capture technology.

Lightstorm did not give details about PROJECT 880, but did say that Cameron may choose to film that project before BATTLE ANGEL, which has become a difficult film to adapt from Yukito Kishiro's 12 popular Japanese graphic novels.

Cameron has also enlisted TITANIC visual effects supervisor Rob Legato to build a prototype virtual cinematography system for previsualization. The new system will allow Cameron to choose lenses, framing, Steadicam, dolly, pan and tilt, focal lengths and other camera controls during previsualization. The frame-by-frame setup will allow Cameron to conceptualize the entire film in a computer. Additionally, Legato is also aiding Lightstorm in the building of an effects pipeline.

Moreover, the new step in motion capture will allow data collection of actors underwater.

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