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Cameron, Katzenberg To Speak At Singapore's 3DX

Director James Cameron and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg have been announced as keynote speakers at the upcoming Singapore-hosted 3DX: 3D Film & Entertainment this November.

The event declares itself as the world's first international 3-D film festival, making 3-D trumpeters Cameron and Katzenberg a perfect fit as speakers.

They will be joined by 20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment Chair Jim Gianopulos, who will begin the keynote with Katzenberg, then bring Cameron in. The keynote address will be at the 3DX business forum on November 19.

Per VARIETY, Fox and DreamWorks are both betting heavily on 3-D. Katzenberg has previously announced that all DreamWorks Animation releases going forward will be in 3-D, starting with 2009's MONSTERS VS. ALIENS.

Fox on the other hand has two major 3-D releases for next year: ICE AGE 3 and Cameron's highly anticipated AVATAR. There are also expected plans of a digital 3-D re-release of the STAR WARS saga.

Gianopulos told VARIETY he is going to Singapore to bring screen footage of some Fox projects, depending on what's ready to be seen, and to encourage adoption of 3-D in Asian markets.

"The international transition [to digital] has been slower than we'd like, but that reflects the diversity of players and individual markets," he said. "Within each market progress is being made."

The conference previously announced MPAA Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman would be a speaker, and honorees so far include David Puttnam, a British film producer and politician.

FLY ME TO THE MOON 3-D director Benn Stassen, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH director Eric Brevig and DOLPHINS AND WHALES 3-D director Jean-Jaques Mantello are also scheduled speakers at 3DX.

3DX, to be held November 19-23 in Singapore, is sponsored by the Media Development Authority of Singapore and Jim Chabin Partners of Los Angeles.

Other highlights of the 3DX festival will include screenings of invited 3-D films from participating media organizations and partners, forums featuring guest speakers, directors, 3-D pioneers, visionaries and catalysts, red carpet reception and event gala celebration along with special entertainment based events for the public.

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