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Calon Sets Up Safehouse Hotel at Cartoon Forum

Robin Lyons new company, Calon, recently formed from the original Cardiff-based Siriol team, is bringing its new creation, SAFEHOUSE HOTEL, to Cartoon Forum this week in Denmark.

SAFEHOUSE HOTEL is a 26x30 Flash animation action/comedy for kids 6-8. Described as a cross between FAWLTY TOWERS and THE PRISONER, the Safehouse Hotel is inherited by the Bloxwich family. Unbeknownst to them, it is listed as a genuine safehouse on www.spiesreunited, attracting some highly dubious guests. Mum and dad remain blissfully unaware of this while the infallible kids deal with high espionage and crime busting week after week.

Created by celebrated comic illustrator Mike Collins, the series is written by renowned American comicbook writer Peter David, and illustrated by award-winning Spanish cartoonist and animator Jose Luis Agreda.

This is a very exciting move for us, said Lyons, md of Calon. The creation of Calon has given us the chance to take a refreshingly new approach to our work. Were taking a different attitude, bringing on board new, stimulating talent. This collaboration between Mike, Peter and Jose has produced some incredible work with a fresh new feel to it.

Calon will also be repitching ARE WE THERE YET? at Cartoon Forum. A 26x10 combination of live-action and 2D animation, ARE WE THERE YET? targets a preschool audience, dealing with youngsters age-old question are we there yet? Adorable 2D animated toy characters interact with live Millie as she dreams away her in her car trips.

Cartoon Forum marks Calons first public presence at any industry event. Robin Lyons and Lynne Stockford will be representing Calon at Cartoon Forum.

For more details about Calon at Cartoon Forum, contact Lyons at or telephone: 02920-488400.