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Calling Out For The Ultimate Family Guy Fan

BBC Family Guy Specials is looking for a FAMILY GUY fan to possibly interview as part of a new program for the BBC celebrating the phenomenon that is FAMILY GUY. Their team will be filming in LA, New York and Rhode Island in January and they want to hear from you.

They're looking to find the biggest FAMILY GUY Super Fan around. Can you lay claim to being the most knowledgeable FAMILY GUY fan in America? Do you quote Peter Griffin in your sleep? Is your house a shrine to the show? Or maybe you have a friend who you think would be perfect, or even a group of friends! Get in touch.

If you think you might fit the bill and you're based in Los Angeles, New York, Rhode Island or the surrounding areas, email and let him know your Name, Age, and Occupation and tell him briefly what makes you such a big fan.