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Caligari Unleashes trueSpace5

Caligari has started shipping trueSpace5 - the long-awaited new version of their affordable and powerful 3D modeling and animation program. The new version adds features such as NURBS modeling, new lights and rendering tools, and output for the Web. Caligari has built upon trueSpace's distinctive "hands-on" user interface, optimizing it for use with the latest hardware (including the new Intel Pentium 4 processor), and adding new tools for easier manipulation of 3D objects. trueSpace5 boasts an industry-standard set of NURBS modeling tools including sweeps, rails, lofts, skinning and cross-sections. NURBS can be combined with stitching, blending, filleting and cut with trimming curves in real-time, full 3D perspective and a NURBS Geometry Paint feature provides users with a paint brush to modify NURBS surface geometry in real-time. Rendering in trueSpace5 is faster than in previous versions, and new physically accurate lights and image-based rendering technology allow for an unparalleled level of realism. trueSpace5 also features complete support for the Viewpoint Experience Technology (formerly Metastream), making it a perfect platform for Web developers looking to integrate interactive 3D graphics into their site at a low cost. trueSpace5 is available now and is priced at a mere US$795.