Caligari Ships Anipak

Caligari Corporations aniPak, a collection of 11 third-party animation plug-ins and libraries for Caligari trueSpace5 users is now available. aniPak includes three new plug-ins, DreaMotion PoseMixer, IK-Anchor 1.0 and SkeleTool 1.0. DreaMotion PoseMixer allows users to combine individual poses of characters into a seamless animation. The movements of all affected joints can be influenced simultaneously, without adjusting each element separately. IK-Anchor 1.0 keeps the constrained side or edge of the bounding box locked in position. Bone elements on the constrained side will stick to boundaries as the rest of the body is adjusted. When combined with the native Bone Nail of trueSpace5, aniPak users will enjoy exceptional positioning power. SkeleTool 1.0 provides forward-kinematics control for IK skeletons. Users can easily adjust joint rotation by selecting Skeletool and adjusting the Pitch/Yaw/Roll. Skeletons will update in real-time. Valued at nearly $500 and regularly priced at $199, aniPak is available now for a special introductory offer of $99 to trueSpace5 users. For more information, visit the Caligari Corporation Website at