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Caligari Releases trueSpace 5.1 with Shockwave3D Output

3D authoring technology vendor Caligari Corporation has released trueSpace 5.1, the newest version of its 3D modeling program that now features new support for Macromedia Shockwave3D and other web output capabilities. The company lowered the price for the stand-alone version of trueSpace, as well as launched a new paid subscription-based "proTeam" program of online tools, training programs, libraries and support services. Caligari's new Shockwave3D Exporter plug-in streamlines conversion of trueSpace5.1 objects and scenes to Shockwave3D and Director 8.5 formats, including all trueSpace geometry, materials, lights, views and animation. The program can be used alone to create Shockwave 3D content, or as a 3D authoring complement to Macromedia Director. In addition, trueSpace5.1 also generates HTML files directly for export to Viewpoint format, providing developers an efficient mechanism for creating Viewpoint-based Websites. The company is currently developing a trueSpace5.1 Flash plug-in. "Our users can now output their trueSpace models and animations to Macromedia's new Shockwave3D and Director 8.5 formats, opening up vast new delivery options for distributing rich, interactive 3D content on the Web," said Roman Ormandy, Caligari president. For more information visit