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Caligari Announces Truespace 6.5

Caligari Corporation has announced the latest version of its flagship product, trueSpace. Version 6.5 features a new animation engine aimed at meeting the needs of game developers and professional animators. TrueSpace's modeling and design environment can be used for projects ranging from print or Web design to full character animation. Version 6.5's new non-linear animation capability allows users to compose complex animations using clips of motion sequences. Users can define low-level behaviors using the existing key-frame view and then edit, combine and blend the created behaviors in trueSpace's new clip-view editor. Additional animation features in trueSpace6.5 include improved Inverse Kinematics (IK) for better control of bones and joint movement, as well as breakable objects that react with the environment. Significant enhancements have also been made to trueSpace's core modeling environment improving control over object detail and workflow. Version 6.5 includes expanded support for the X and DXF formats and now includes the DWG exchange file format for AutoCAD users. Improved Viewpoint export also allows a greater degree of interactivity with Adobe Atmospheres. trueSpace6.5 will be available in February 2003 for US$595. For more information, visit the Caligari Website at