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California SUN International Animation Festival

California SUN International Animation Festival: Thursday, April 04 - Saturday, April 06, 2002, Northridge, California USAEntry Deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2002The California SUN International Animation Festival features screenings of animation shorts created by independent animators, industry professionals, and undiscovered talent selected from submissions around the world. We have developed a reputation for screening and premiering the finest work from an international array of animators and studios. Festival categories include Traditional, Computer, Experimental and TV Commercial Animation and Visual Effects. The mission of The California SUN International Animation Festival is to showcase and honor the talents of animators; to proclaim the industry's state of the art advancements; to promote high quality and innovative standards; and to facilitate the gathering of professionals.Production format may be: Digital,1/2"VHS,BetaSP,35mm,16mm,3/4" Umatic submitted on VHS tape. Awards: Golden SUN - Best of the Festival Silver Star -Best Traditional Animation Silver Star -Best Computer Animation Silver Star- Best Experimental Animation (claymation, stop motion, etc.) Silver Star- Best TV Commercial Animation Silver Star- Best Visual Effects Animation Bronze Planet - Best Student Animation. Fees: $35 Independent Short Animation (less than 20 Minutes), $55 Studio Short Animation (less than 30 minutes), $25 Student Project Animation (less than 15 minutes). Please include publicity photographs or digital images,if available. For more information, contact: Darlene Di Primo-Director at California SUN International Animation Festival, 18111 Nordhoff St., Mail Drop 8300, Northridge, California 91330, USA; Tel.: 818-382-4545; Fax: 818-677-3046; Email:; Web: