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Cake Signs Deal for 'Ella Bella Bingo'

Cake Entertainment becomes the distributor for the new episodes of August Media Holdings’ and Kool Produktion’s Ella Bella Bingo.

Singapore based August Media Holdings and Norway’s Kool Produktion have tied up a deal with Cake Entertainment as the new distributor for their pre-school series Ella Bella Bingo. The producers have also welcomed an order for an additional 52 episodes for the series.

Last September, Singapore based August Media and Norway’s Kool Produktion entered into an agreement to co-produce a second season for the NRK pre-school show – Ella Bella Bingo. The companies got together to completely revamp the creative team for the second season. With some of the results already showing, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK and the Norwegian Film Institute have optioned an additional 52 episodes of Ella Bella Bingo.

August Media and Kool Produktion have also roped in Cake Entertainment as the new distribution partner for the new episodes.

Targeted at pre-school children, Ella Bella Bingo follows the adventures of happy-go-lucky Ella and her friends. Directed by the BAFTA winner and EMMY nominated director, Ginger Gibbons and scripted by the acclaimed writer Sam Barlow, each 7 minute episode is about how Ella uses her boundless creativity and infectious enthusiasm to solve everyday problems in spectacularly innovative ways.

Jyotirmoy Saha, CEO and Founder of August Media Holdings said, “August Media is proud to have on board Cake Entertainment as our distribution partner on this show. Cake brings to the table a wealth of experience with this genre and a fantastic history of success.  We are also very enthusiastic about our new creative team members, namely Ginger Gibbons and Sam Barlow. Ella has already been picked for another 52 episodes by our broadcasters and I’m confident that this combination of talent and experience will lead Ella to success on TV screens across the world.”

Frank Mosvold the Creator and Executive Producer of Ella Bella Bingo said, "We have assembled a unique team that combines the strong tradition of Nordic and English storytelling for kids.  Together the new team we will bring Ella Bella Bingo to the next level with Ginger  Gibbons as our steward and Sam Barlow as our navigator. It is going to be a great journey and I am very happy to make it together with August Media and Cake Entertainment.”

Tom van Waveren, CEO of Cake Entertainment has said, “Ella Bella Bingo is a bright and fresh show that we are excited to be involved in. We are delighted to see the cross-fertilization of a Norwegian idea, a Singaporean co-production with high caliber British writing and directing talent create a delightful contemporary pre-school series. It's an excellent international co-production, which we are looking forward to take to market early next year! ”

Following the huge reception of Ella’s first season, Ella already has published books, iOS apps and DVDs in the market.

The 2nd season of the show is expected to hit TV screens in Scandinavia and the ASEAN region during winter 2013.

Source: August Media Holdings

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