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Cairo-Based Comic Book Creator/Publisher Opens L.A. Office

Cairo-based AK Comics has established a Los Angeles area office to promote in the U.S. market its line of Middle East-themed superhero comic books, animated series based on the comic titles and extensive licensing program surrounding the companys array of brands.

Jordan L. Udko will head the office in Santa Monica, California, as vp business development for AK Comics. Udko was a distribution account exec Paramount Pictures.

Profiled by media across around the world, AK Comics has quickly built a vast global fan base and the companys website ( has received more than two million visitors to date.

Aya, Jalila, Rakan and Zein are among the superheroes who comprise the AK Comics universe that includes a princess of darkness, a time-traveling pharaoh and an ancient Arabian swordsman. Published in both Arabic and English, the comics are the brainchild of Ayman Kandeel, an Egyptian economics professor at Cairo University, as well as founder of AK Comics. Kandeel grew up devouring comicbooks from the U.S. and elsewhere, but found that there was little he could relate to personally as a child growing up in Egypt.

Managing editor Marwan Nashar, who is headquartered in Cairo, will also maintain an office in the companys new location in Santa Monica. The new branch has already successfully established distribution of its comic titles with the industrys leading wholesalers. The first AK Comics titles will be released first quarter of 2006.

The mission of AK Comics is to fill the cultural and social gap that was created over the years between the west and east, by providing essentially needed role models in our case, Middle Eastern superheroes, said Ukjo. Ultimately, we are presenting to the entire world a strong and optimistic vision for a futuristic Middle East, void of war, violence and turmoil. Through our products be it comic book publications, animated series or otherwise those heroes are predestined to become global ambassadors, spreading peace and good will, creating a more optimistic and positive image of the world's most turbulent and misunderstood region, he amplified.