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BWM Sells Bardel Programs To Toon Disney

B Wooding Media (BWM), acting as agent for Bardel Distribution, has sold three animated features, DRAGONS: FIRE & ICE, DRAGONS: THE METAL AGES and SILVERWING: THE MOVIE TRILOGY, to Toon Disney in the U.S. for a fall 2005 debut.

The DRAGONS movies will be featured in the popular Jetix block at 7:00 pm, and will be supported with cross promotions in fall 2005 and fall 2006 through retail partners Megabloks and Lions Gate Ent.

We are thrilled to announce a deal with premiere broadcaster Toon Disney. The response to the DRAGONS franchise and our promotion plans with Megabloks and Paramount has been fantastic, and we look forward to closing even more deals at MIPCOM, said BWM md Brenda Wooding. The future also looks bright for the continued growth of the SILVERWING property, a series and trilogy that has a proven track record with excellent ratings.

We are excited to bring the SILVERWING and DRAGON movies to Toon Disney. These high energy films are certain to capture the imaginations of our viewers and deliver them to fantastical worlds where anything is possible, said Tracy McAndrew, director, Jetix original series development and acquisitions.

DRAGONS: FIRE & ICE (1x72) is inspired by the internationally popular toy line from Megabloks. Two kingdoms the Draigar and the Norvagen have been at war for a thousand years. The great Dragons who brought peace and wisdom have almost completely vanished. Both sides blame the other and until their young royals, Dev and Kyra, are unwittingly thrown together and learn that other dark forces are at work. Only a mysterious wizard named Xenoz seems to have any clue to the mystery.

In DRAGONS: THE METAL AGES (1x72), the thousand-year-old war has ended between the Draigar and Norvagen, and the king of the Dragon world has been restored to the throne. Peace finally reigns in both human and dragon realms. But all too soon the human world is buzzing with whispers that the warlike Odaku are on the prowl. Prince Dev and Princess Kyra discover they are all threatened by a dire conspiracy seeded centuries ago.

Based on the internationally best selling book trilogy, SILVERWING (13x22 or 3x72) follows the life of Shade Silverwing. The story begins with famed tale of the great battle between the birds and the beasts. The bats chose not to take sides and when the battle was over, they were punished banished to the nighttime skies, never allowed to see the sun. Centuries pass before Shade decides to dare a bully to glimpse at the sun. Subsequently, Shade gets caught in the process and, as a result, his colony suffers great consequence and it is up to Shade to make things right.

DRAGONS: FIRE & ICE and DRAGON: THE METAL AGES were produced by Bardel Ent. Inc. in association with Megabloks. SILVERWING was produced by Bardel Ent. Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, B Wooding Media (BWM) specializes in production financing and international distribution of childrens, factual and lifestyle programming, with considerable expertise in the North American television and home entertainment marketplace. BWM represents international producers from Australia, Canada, U.S., Sweden and the U.K.

Bardel Ent. Inc. is a Canadian entertainment company involved in the acquisition, development, production and distribution of animated programming and products for children and families. For more information, visit

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