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Buzzco Animates Newton’s Laws for TED Ed

Buzzco completes a new animation project, “Newton’s Three Laws, with a bicycle,” for TED’s TED Ed educational initiative.

Led by NY animation icon Candy Kugel, Buzzco recently completed a new animated short for TED’s new educational initiative, TED Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing, an open platform dedicated to providing high school and college teachers a new way to use video content on the web.

Entitled Newton’s Three Laws, with a bicycle, the short film asks why it would be hard to pedal a 10,000-pound bicycle, with a simple explanation that shows how Newton's three laws of motion might help you ride your bike.

Additional short films can be viewed on the TED Ed YouTube channel, which launched in March.

“The TED Ed piece was fun to do,” Kugel commented. “We love taking big scientific concepts and breaking them down to simple, easy-to-grasp ideas, using humor and funny drawings.”

Buzzco also created “Two Simple Ways to Treat Water” for the iHeed Institute, a foundation aiming to place health videos in the PDAs of local health workers in the third world:

“I liked the idea of the possibility of purifying water without expensive equipment or energy or chlorine to destroy the bacteria that causes cholera and typhoid,” Kugel said about the project.  “And I also liked the idea of using animation instead of pamphlets to explain it, because it can be so much more effective with populations that have a hard time with literacy. And now with smart phones and PDAs-- health workers can go out to remote Third World populations and show it easily-- without film or video projectors.”

Both projects were created with created with Toonboom's StoryboardPro and AnimatePro.

Source: Buzzco Associates

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