Buster Announces Latest Bravo, FX Spots

Buster, a conceptual design studio helmed by Executive Creative Director Jonas Morganstein has announced its latest projects. The company has produced a new main title and graphics package for Bravo's new series starring Tim Gunn titled TIM GUNN'S GUIDE TO STYLE. Buster has also completed new work for FX.

For TIM GUNN'S GUIDE TO STULE, the Buster-produced title combines live footage of Tim Gunn and co-host Veronica Webb, as well as dynamic motion graphics that reflect his classic pinstripe style.

Jane Olson, V.P. Brand Strategy/Creative Director, Bravo, said, "Buster created a beautiful open that sets just the right visual tone for the show."

Morganstein added, "Our team aimed to highlight Gunn's attitude and wit, while at the same time describing the premise of the show -- no easy task for 20 seconds." The open features pinstripe stitches animating through the frame as Gunn and Web ham it up ala the classic AVENGERS TV show open from the 1960s. "It's like Tim and Veronica are a top secret super spy fashion squad, ready to save the American wardrobe -- one closet at a time," quipped Morganstein.

For FX Networks, Buster designed and animated the promo package for the third season of the comedy series IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, starring Danny DeVito. Previously, Buster designed the promo packages for seasons one and two of that same series. To mirror the edgy subject matter of the show, Buster supplemented the promo packaging with a series of :10 spots featuring quotes from the show, such as "Let's throw flaming poop!"

Albert Romero, VP of Design, for FX Networks, said, "Buster has again been able to reinvent the package, but yet still remain true to the show's original and inaugural season promo graphics..."

Launched in 2004 by Co-Presidents Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein as a division of their noted advertising agency Stun Creative, Los Angeles-based Buster (www.busterdesign.tv) is a conceptual design studio specializing in original animated content for the advertising and broadcast industries. Buster's core services include design, animation and live action direction for TV commercials, TV show opens and network packages. Among Buster's clients are HBO, Ford, Food Network, Bravo, Lincoln, HGTV, MTV, UPS, ESPN, Hasbro, FX and AMC.