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Burrell Joins Café FX as Animation Supervisor

Veteran motion picture and television animator Everett Burrell has joined Café FX as animation supervisor. Burrell comes to Café Fx from Cantina Pictures Inc. He brings 18 years experience managing teams of 3D animators, 3D digitizers, texture artists, compositors, technical directors and freelance artists, and working collaboratively with directors, producers, art directors and software engineers in defining the creative and technical direction of projects.

At Cantina Pictures, Burrell handled multiple responsibilities, including visual effects supervisor, 3D supervisor, 3D animator, modeler and texture artist and 2D compositor. He also was an on-set supervisor working with directors and Ps, supervising bluescreen and motion control shoots. Previous, Burrell held a similar position at television and film effects house Flat Earth Prods. Inc. There, he pioneered early 3D creature techniques and established the company's 3D department and render farm, which evolved form Amiga computers to Pentium III's.

Burrell is a visual effects Emmy award contributor for the 2001 sci-fi mini-series, DUNE, for which he painted texture maps and set up 3D environments, executed character setups for animation and managed 3D assets.

As president and co-founder of Optic Nerve Studios Inc., Burrell pioneered early computer generated design work as he built an Emmy award-winning (BABYLON 5, 1994) make-up effects company, which specialized in prosthetic and creature effects for film and television.

CaféFX, a division of the ComputerCafé Group, is headquartered in Santa Maria, California, and has a studio in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded as ComputerCafé in 1993 by Jeff Barnes and David Ebner to produce broadcast promotions and television ID packages. Today CafeFX (MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD) attracts clients from all aspects of the entertainment world.