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Bumblz Flies Via Web Stores

Vancouver-based Bumblz Media, Inc. launches its computer-animated preschool series BUMBLZ with its first direct-to-home video release, BUMBLZ, CLUBHOUSE FRIENDS. The company established an e-commerce site to handle sales of the video at

BUMBLZ, CLUBHOUSE FRIENDS is also available for purchase on,,, and "Having established merchants such as Amazon, Target and Virgin carrying our videos immediately puts us in the forefront with the other major children's properties, says Bumblz Media president, Ed Konyha.

The preschool series, created by CG artists Ed and Dan Konyha. is about a young bee named Bumblz and his bug friends Slomo Inchworm, Fuzzette Moth, Corky Cricket and Spinny Spider, who use their imaginations to have fun, and to learn about the world around them.

In 2002, the creators had their first break in Hollywood when their animated short, SOMETHING FISHY, was purchased by Revolution Studios and released with its comedy, THE MASTER OF DISGUISE. But the brothers in animation were frustrated with the kind of work that was being brought their way. We literally came to a crossroads where we felt that we had to choose between working on projects that had more commercial appeal because of their extreme violent content, or working on shows like BUMBLZ, which is something the whole family can enjoy. We chose the latter and really Im proud of that decision, says Ed Konyha.

CLUBHOUSE FRIENDS, Bumblz Media has launched The Grass Roots Campaign to encourage parents and teachers to promote BUMBLZ in their local communities and amongst family and friends. Were being honest with our customers and saying look, were a small company and your support is crucial in order to make this a successful franchise, says Ed Konyha. We know a lot of parents are looking for family friendly entertainment and the BUMBLZ series is another great option for them.

They created BUMBLZ with the parents mind as well. Some preschool videos that dumb down their content with a lot of baby talk and nonsense, says Dan Konyha. This is something that parents can sit down and actually enjoy watching with their child. The stories are simple enough for even the youngest child to follow, and yet, theres enough substance to them that children can still appreciate them when they are five, six years old. Most preschool videos dont have much of shelf life. Its something that really sets our videos apart.

Bumblz Media plans to begin production on the second video by the end of 2004. Fans may choose the next episode by casting a ballot via a monthly newsletter. To subscribe to the Bumblz newsletter, or to find out more about Bumblz Media, and the BUMBLZ animated series, visit