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Buffalo Media Group Launches

Buffalo Gal Pictures and Entremedia Digital Films merge talents and services to create a full media production studio, Buffalo Media Group.

Winnipeg MB, Canada --

Two of Canada’s most experienced and innovative production companies have  merged talents and services to create a full media production studio.

Buffalo Gal Pictures and Entremedia Digital Films have partnered to form Buffalo Media Group (BMG), a new company with offices in Toronto and Winnipeg. From both centers, the new entity will produce live action and animated feature film and television projects. They will also provide visual effects services and create innovative new media content. With the depth of experience on their team, BMG is well-positioned to take advantage of the latest technology and marketing trends to produce and promote their projects to a worldwide audience.

To drive this growth, BMG has added several key members to the team, including Kevin Hicks, VP of Sales and Marketing and Ken Zorniak, VP of Operations and Business Development.

“This partnership comes at an important time in our industry,” says Phyllis Laing, president of Buffalo Gal Pictures and CEO of the new Buffalo Media Group. “With media formats and platforms continuing to evolve, it’s integral that companies keep up with the changing demand of programming and delivery. We’re ready to do that.”

Dan Krech, founder of Entremedia Digital Films and the new president of BMG, started working with Laing in 2011 as co-production partners on an animated film called Emma’s Wings:  A Bella Sara Tale. Production is well underway on the 3D feature based on this popular Danish brand which explores the fantasy world of North of North and its magical horses.

Krech believes the merge will capitalize on the animation and production experience of both companies, while bringing strong team members to the table like Jeff Bell, Head of Production at Entremedia and former VP of Technology at Starz. “With our combined talents, networks and resources, Buffalo Media Group is sure to be positioned as leaders in the ever-shifting media landscape,” says Krech.

Buffalo Media Group consists of subsidiaries that specialize in live action (Buffalo Gal Pictures, Kistikan Pictures, Insidious Films), digital animation (Entremedia Digital Films, Opus Animation), and visual effects (Opus Visual Effects). Buffalo Media Group will leverage the contacts, resources and experience garnered by their four principals:

Dan Krech, President – Dan Krech brings his vast experience in producing animation and media content to the BMG team.  He founded DKP Studios in 1985, which over the following 21 years became the largest and most successful animation company in Canada.

Phyllis Laing, CEO – Since founding Buffalo Gal Pictures in 1994, one of Canada’s most prominent independent motion picture production companies, Phyllis has become a multi-award-winning film and television producer and entrepreneur.

Ken Zorniak, VP of Operations and Business Development – Ken co-founded Frantic Films, one of Canada’s leading visual effects companies servicing Hollywood-based feature films.

Kevin Hicks, VP of Sales and Marketing– Kevin has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and is a former Head of Film at The Talent House, which manages actors, writers, directors and producers around the world from its New York and Toronto offices. 

Source: Buffalo Gal Pictures