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BSkyB Banks On Uli Meyer For Spots

Uli Meyer Studios has completed BANKING, an animated spot featuring CGI characters Lil Red and an animated piggy bank called Floyd that promotes the interactive features of BSkyB's Digital Broadcasting, such as the ability to check your bank balance.BANKING was created by BSkyB's Martin Delamere and Rafaela Perera and is being produced at BSkyB by Cleo Hodgkinson. The promo was animated in Maya and composited in Combustion. BskyB turned to Uli Meyer Studios in London to produce a 3D animated spot, BANKING, to promote the interactive features of BSkyB's Digital Broadcasting. Director Uli Meyer and his artists made CGI characters Lil Red and a piggy bank called Floyd who take viewers through the steps to check their bank balances as well as other features through BskyB. Animation artists Daniel Martin, Peixe, Jamie Beard, Gerben Steenks and Andreas Von Andrian did the animaoitn in Maya which Dave Griffiths composted using combustion. Matt Saxton prdouced the spot from storyboards by Matt Jones. Chris Baker did the pig modeling and the lighting crew consists of Mark Bailey, Charlie Barrault-Lovett and Davide Tromba. Uli Meyer Studios ( has been producing 2D and 3D animation for feature films, commercials and Television since 1990, as well as live-action since 1996.