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Brussels Festival: 20th Anniversary Special!

The Brussels Animation and Cartoon Festival (February 21-March 3, 2001) has concocted an exceptional program for its 20th anniversary. 575 films were submitted for selection, a record number of entries. 113 of them have been selected, representing 19 countries. Belgium is well represented, with 24 entries. The complete list of selected films is now available on the festival Website. The feature film program includes: "The Emperor's New Groove" by Mark Dindall (USA); "Heavy Metal 2000" by Michaël Coldewey and Michel Lemire (Canada/Germany); "My Neighbours The Yamadas" by Isao Takahata (Japan); "Otesanek" by Jan Svankmajer (Czech Republic); and more. In addition to the feature program, the festival will present six international programs of short films, two international programs of student films and two programs of Belgian films. Plus, a special 20th anniversary program, "Animated Night," and the Cartoon d'Or finalists for the prize for Best European animation film will also be presented. Retrospectives include a tribute to New Zealand filmmaker Len Lye and a special spotlight on Australia. The 'making of' section of the festival will feature Nick Ranieri (Walt Disney), chief animator of "The Emperor's New Groove's" Cuzco; Philippe Glukman (PDI) on the upcoming "Shrek;" Neil Crepela (The Secret Lab), visual effects supervisor on "Dinosaur;" among others. For the second time, the festival will present Anima, a 4-day industry event with various conferences, screenings and panel discussions, which will be held March 1-3, 2001. Topics include: Sound And Music In Animation, with lectures by Canadian composer Normand Roger; Animation Effects, with guest speaker Kim Keukeleire, an animator for Clayart, Will Vinton and on Aardman's "Chicken Run;" Writing For Animation-Authors' Rights; and more! For more information, contact the festival: Tel.: ++ (32 2) 534-4125; Fax: ++ (32 2) 534-2279; or E-mail:, or visit

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