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BrownBoots Ramps Up Dino-Sized Indie Film

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin-based BrownBoots Interactive has begun production on a 3D animated feature entitled, DINOVILLE ADVENTURES: METEOR MADNESS. Co-directing and producing the project are BrownBoots president Alan Hathaway and animator Tim Bowser. The 30-minute film should be finished in July 2004 and BrownBoots hopes to shop the project around to the direct-to-video market.

This labor of love is being funded by BrownBoots as well as additional personal money from Hathaway and Bowser. LightWave, Maya, combustion and After Effects are being used to create the animation. Bowser said the film is about a quarter of the way finished with the modeling and most of the texturing complete. BrownBoots will be using a rendering farm to render the project. The company has enlisted 12 employees for the projects, including Chris Ayers, who did character design work on MEN IN BLACK II.

Inspired by Hathaways 6-year-old sons love of dinosaurs and the desire to move BrownBoots into family productions, the story follows three young dinosaurs C.J., Tommy and Amanda as they team up with Prof. Liddle to stop the evil Dr. Enos plan to redirect a killer meteor toward Dinoville. For more information about the film, visit

BrownBoots Interactive is a new media agency offering Website development, 3D animation, CD-ROM or digital business card production, QuickTime virtual reality tours and traditional print advertisement. For more information, visit

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