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The Brothers McLeod Release ‘365’ Short on Vimeo

The BAFTA and Webby award-winning Brothers McLeod release 365, a short film made up of one second a day of animation that “charts the comings and goings of the year, real and imagined.”

The BAFTA and Webby award-winning Brothers McLeod have released 365, made up of a second a day of animation created throughout 2013, resulting in a film that “charts the comings and goings of the year, real and imagined.”

The completed film is available online for only $3.65 on Vimeo, with the funds to be used by the filmmakers to send the film to International Film Festivals.

Over 1,000 hours of work culminate in a six-minute film representing a whole year’s worth of visual diary entries. The film has already picked up two awards at its first festival. Audio contributors to the project included Doctor Who actor David Tennant, as well as such composers as Gary Yershon, who has worked with noted British film director Mike Leigh. Check out the trailer, below:

Greg used the everyday as inspiration to create an abstract, disconnected, stream of consciousness film which allows the viewer to find connections to create narratives and hidden meanings which may or may not be there. The film is at times witty, dark, peculiar and familiar.

Greg explains, “Something during the day would catch my eye or it would be something I’d read or overheard. Or it was my children who sparked an idea, or perhaps a dream I had, or an interesting building. A painting or image from a book or magazine sometimes provided the source material. Sometimes it was even a sound that informed the visuals.”

From day to day the new animation was unknown to Greg until the moment of inspiration struck. Joined together, the individual animations can appear disconnected or form small narratives, completely by accident. Each second is a mini story in itself; a part of a narrative we never see -- a whole day reduced to a second, a whole year contained in six minutes.

Greg says, “365 is a visual self portrait of my year. Passing of time, changing locations and emotional states and flights of improvised imaginings, all going towards the final product, a six-minute film, to overwhelm, to delight in, to laugh at and to baffle in equal measure.”

Learn more about the project on the 365 Facebook page.

Source: The Brothers McLeod

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