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Brits' Answer To Simpsons Debuts

Nickelodeon U.K. is offering its viewers a British-produced version of THE SIMPSONS, based upon a real life family from Leicestershire in the U.K. MEET THE MOORES bowed May 5, 2003 featuring the animated antics of the dad, Robert, 50, a used car salesman and the mother, Tania, 35, an administrative assistant at Loughborough University and a former airline hostess. They have four children: Jack, 15, a deejay who runs a mobile disco; Roberta, 11, whose ambition in life is to meet her favorite pop star; Eliza, 9, a gymnast with a passion for disco dancing and Jemimah, 3, described by her mother as a "cross between a whirlwind and Houdini."

Nickelodeon began its search for the prototype family to base the concept on almost a year ago. "The Moore family caught the judge's eyes as a result of their entertaining personalities, their wacky approach to life and the scope for excellent storylines around their hectic lifestyle," said Howard Litton, Nick U.K.'s director of programs, "We felt they epitomized the typical British family."

The primary difference from THE SIMPSONS, in addition to the art style, is that it is supposed to reflect normal life, a family doing everyday things. Milo Waterfield at Seven Zeds Studios ( did the animation and Ian Carney wrote the series. MEET THE MOORES airs weekday evenings on the Sky Digital channel, Nicktoons TV (