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British Film Takes Grand Prize At SAFO

The 2001 edition of the Ottawa International Student Animation Festival (SAFO 01) has come to a close with the announcement of this year's winners.

The International Jury consisting of Phil Mulloy (United Kingdom), Annick Teninge (France), and Koji Yamamura (Japan) presented fifteen prizes. The list of winners is as follows:

National Film Board of Canada Grand Prize:

Dog, Suzie Templeton, United Kingdom

Grand Prize Runner up:

Sub, Jessie Schmal, USA

Grand Prize for Best School:

Royal College of Art, England

ASIFA-Canada Award for Best Canadian Student Animation Film:

Via Wire, Cliff Kafai Mok, Emily Carr School of Art and Design

First Professional Film:

1st Prize: The Headless Horseman, Ülo Pikkov, Estonia

2nd Prize: Pizza Passionata, Kari Juusonen, Finland

Klasky-Csupo Award for Best Graduate Film:

1st Prize: Me, The Other, Marie Paccou, United Kingdom

2nd Prize: Les Chasseurs de Poissons, Rosana Romina Liera, France

3rd Prize: Papa Trompet, Evelyn Verschoore, Belgium

Undergraduate Film:

1st Prize: Geraldine, Arthur de Pins, France

2nd Prize: Tongues and Taxis, Michael Overbeck, USA

3rd Prize: Melusin, Anne Larricq, France

High School Film:

1st Prize: Aliens?, Joshua Muntain, USA

2nd Prize: Earth, Aron Evans and Chris Elliott, Wales

Childrens Film:

1st Prize: Mission Unmöglich 1,2 3, Malte Pätz, Germany

2nd Prize: Lets Go Ice Skating, Gloria and Rebekah So, USA

3rd Prize: Chain Reaction, Anton Fleissner, USA