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British Animation Awards

* Thursday, March 9, 2000. London, U.K.

The 3rd annual British Animation Awards will include the following: Best

Film Under Seven Minutes, Best Longer Short Film, Best TV and Film

Graphics, Best Film at the Cutting Edge, Mari Kuttna Award for Best

Directorial Debut, Best Direction of an Animated Commercial, Best

Animation/Craft in a Commercial, Best Adult Series, Best TV Children's

Special, Best Children's Series, Best Pre-School Series, Children's Choice

Award, Best Scenario, Craft Award, and Public Choice Awards for Favourite

Film, Favourite Commercial, and Favourite Film at the Cutting Edge. The

three Public Choice awards are judged by members of the public at

screenings in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Cambridge, Cardiff

and London during February 2000. All the winning films will go on a

national tour in April 2000, soon followed by an international tour in

Belgium. Winners are presented with the baas, a one of a kind unique

painting, drawing or cel created by world famous animators. For more

information contact Clare Wilford at Tel.: ++ 44 171 729 0692.

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