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Brer Rabbit Hip-Hops on DVD

It may not be SONG OF THE SOUTH, but THE ADVENTURES OF BRER RABBIT (Universal Home Ent., $22.98) is as close as were going to get to Uncle Remus famous tales on DVD for a while. This 2D animated direct-to-DVD from Universal Cartoon Studios, Cuckoos Nest Studios and Wang Film Prods. offers a modern, musical retelling of the clever and mischievous Brer Rabbit, as he outwits Brer Fox, Brer Bear and the rest of the Brer critters. Byron Vaughns directs an all-star lineup that includes Wayne Brady (Brer Wolf), Nick Cannon (Brer Rabbit), Danny Glover (Brer Turtle), D.L. Hughley (Brer Fox) and Wanda Sykes (Sister Moon). Includes two interactive games: OUTFOX THE FOX FOR FISH and THE GREAT BRER CHASE.