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Breakthrough Launches 'Rocket Monkeys' Online Games

The digital media division of Breakthrough Entertainment announces that it has started production on a series of online games for “Rocket Monkeys.”

Toronto, Canada -- The digital media division of Breakthrough Entertainment announced that it has started production on a series of online games for Rocket Monkeys, a new animated series that premieres in 2013 on TELETOON.

Through three unique games, “Monkeys vs. Gorillas,”  “Monkey Business” and “Monkeys on a Mission” – Rocket Monkeys Online

targets the same demographic as the series, 6-11 year olds. All three games will be available in English and French on, with “Monkeys vs Gorillas” launching in January 2013 at the same time as the series premieres,  and the other two games rolling out during the broadcast season.

In the Rocket Monkeys games, kids canblast other kids into outer space with Monkeynauts,  Gus and Wally and join them in a series of fun-filled space adventures  by helping them out of their latest scrape, piloting their big orange rocket ship through strange new worlds and tussling with a whole host of rivals and villains.

Breakthrough Entertainment’s digital media division secured funding for Rocket Monkeys Online from the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Stream.

Rocket Monkeys Online offers players a gaming experience that is not only fun, exciting and immersive but perfectly captures the comedy and spirit of the television series” said Dorothy Vreeker, Director, Digital Media at Breakthrough Entertainment.

“We believe that the Rocket Monkeys suite of games truly captures the humour embodied in the series and will provide an engaging, user-friendly extension for our audience on,” says Gavin Friesen, Director, Interactive, TELETOON Canada Inc.

About Rocket Monkeys: When facing rogue black holes, vengeful aliens, criminal masterminds, and rifts in the evil dimension, the universe turns to its bravest and brightest to save the day. When those guys are busy, the universe is stuck with the Rocket Monkeys. Inexplicably charged with carrying out a wide range of important missions, brothers Gus and Wally tend to cause more intergalactic calamity than they actually prevent. Luckily, they have plenty of help from YAY-OK, their dashing and devoted (if slightly outdated) robot.

Source: Breakthrough Entertainment