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BRB Presents The Latest Of The Imp At MIPTV

THE IMP, the most useless evil creature on TV, comes loaded with innovations for the MIPTV this week.

THE IMP series continues to be a stand out for sales: MTV Poland recently followed MTV Portugal's acquisition of the series, along with 2x2 TV Channel in Russia and Xeip Canal Once in Mexico.

The property celebrates its excellent audience ratings and great reception in the licensing world with the premiere of its official interactive website ( ), that allows users to download free game and electronic postcards to mobile phones, PSPs or iPods.

BRB Internacional, the series' world distributor, will present THE IMP at their stand R 35.16 at MIPTV through April 10.

Co-produced by Red Kite Animation, Screen 21 and TVC, THE IMP (65x90) revolves around ingeniously hare-brained plots spiced with plenty of irony. Targeted at young adults, the characters are re-voiced by well-known actors in every country.

Visually striking, it presents an original world in black and white that is short, cute and impossibly evil.

It's currently broadcast channels like Cartoon Network in the U.S., Televisio de Catalunya and Antena.Neox in Spain and will soon be seen on trendsetting channels like Canal + , in France, ABC in Australia, YTV in Canada and SVT in Sweden

The series has attained great audience ratings; in Spain, THE IMP reached an average share of 22.4 percent during its recent run during prime time on Antena 3.

THE IMP is specifically designed to be adapted to multimedia formats -- mobile phones, Web, consoles, MP3 players, blogs and more. By clicking on , the users can reach the latest innovations of the TV series while enjoying the characters of the evil Imp, his long-suffering colleague Bob, his 'nemesis of goodness,' Lumen and the absurdities that are Bertrand and Philippe.

It is even possible to download some episodes or special packs -- wallpapers, chat icons, games -- for free. THE IMP has already launched many licensed products into the market, including a recent comic based on the series published by Santillana.