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BRB Brings 'Filly' to MIPtv

BRB announce they will show the trailer and first images of the animated series “Filly,” at MIPtv.

BRB Internacional announced they will present the trailer for Filly at the 50th edition of MIPtv and show the first images of the animated series based on the famous brand created by Dracco. The property, Number One in toys and licensing aimed at girls in Germany, has sold more than 60 million collectable figurines all over the world. Filly has Simba Dickie Group as its Master Toy distributor and licensee and possesses a powerful 360º marketing plan.

Done in 3D High-Def, the Filly animated series (26x30’) brings to life the charming adventures of Rose and her friends as they attend the Magic Royal Academy of Funtasia. Despite the wacky attempts of the Wizard of the Dark Mirror, and his comical minion Battiwigs, to steal all the magic in the kingdom, the Fillys enjoy everyday school life, studying and discovering their unique, and magical, crystal powers. The project has a first-rate team of American scriptwriters (including Sean Derek – The Smurfs, Batman, Zhu Zhu Pets and Pac-Man –) who create a new universe of magic and adventure around the adorable Fillys together with Screen 21 and Dracco’s Content Team. The series is set to premier in 2014 on televisions all over the world.

BRB Internacional distributes the Filly series worldwide, except in Germany, and manages the rights to the Filly Brand in Spain and Portugal.

Source: BRB Internacional

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