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BOXX Optimizes Rendering Systems With Athlon MP Processor

BOXX Technologies, provider of digital content creation systems for the entertainment and digital film industries, has included the new AMD Athlon MP processor in their 3DBOXX R1 series of high-performance workstations and the RenderBOXX R1 series of rendering systems. The new AMD Athlon MP processor features QuantiSpeed architecture and Smart MP technology and is designed to provide the optimal performance needed for computation-intensive applications while providing IT managers with the highest standard in platform stability and reliability. Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT or Linux, the 3DBOXX R1 and RenderBOXX R1 systems are available in single and dual processor configurations and are optimized for creating and rendering 3D content and animation using popular software programs such as Maya, 3D StudioMAX, Softimage 3D, LightWave 3D and Houdini.