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BOXX Launches 3DBOXX 8300 Series Workstation

BOXX Technologies Inc. announced the new 3DBOXX 8300 Performance Series workstation. The 3DBOXX 8300 is a high-performance personal workstation, which leverages the power of the new Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 Series processors running in conjunction with the new Intel 5000X chipset. With new performance features, such as a 1333MHz front side bus, 4MB of cache shared between two cores, FB-DIMMs (a cutting-edge memory technology) and powerful I/O, the new 3DBOXX 8300 Series workstation provides enhanced workflow for todays VFX professionals.

Powerful and quiet, the 3DBOXX 8300 Series Workstation with Intels Dual-Core Xeon 5100 Series processors substantially increases the processing power available to VFX professionals, said Francois Wolf, director of marketing at BOXX Technologies Inc. BOXX users now have access to a new dual-core, dual-processing workstation based on brand new Intel technology with the superlative performance required for powering a successful vfx studio.

The 3DBOXX 8300 is the latest manifestation of BOXXs intention to help the vfx artist benefit from trends toward multi-core processing and multi-threaded applications. BOXX is a strong proponent of a fully fleshed-out 64-bit and parallel processing technology eco-system, which allows the company to design high-performance computing platforms that drive workflow improvement for vfx professionals.

"The 3DBOXX 8300 Series workstation from BOXX Technologies featuring the new Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors is ideal for vfx artists seeking excellent dual-core performance required to tackle the intense workflows of today's digital content creators, said Sophia Chew, vp of Intel's Reseller Channel Operations. "Quickly bringing innovative solutions to market is just one of the benefits our channel customers, such as BOXX Technologies bring to the industry."

The new 3DBOXX 8300 Series Workstation will replace the 3DBOXX 8200 Series workstation, which has been a mainstay of the BOXX workstation line-up.

The new dual-core dual-Xeon-based 3DBOXX 8300 Series workstation features:* Dual Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 Series processors* Intel 5000X Series chipset* Up to 32GB of FB DIMM (fully buffered) ECC memory* Two PCI Express graphics x16 slots* One PCI Express x8 slot* 2 PCI-X 133 MHz high bandwidth slots* Four port SATA 3 Gbps and four port SAS on-board controllers* Gigabit Ethernet on-board* Firewire (1394a) on-board Controller* Two 5.25 bay chassis option* Up to 3TB of local storage with a 4 drive chassis* 8 and 12 bay chassis available for up to 9 TB of local storage with 750GB drives

All performance-series 3DBOXX workstations now feature Dual-Core processors.

The 3DBOXX 8300 Series workstation will be available through BOXX and its worldwide network of resellers in the next 45 days. Base pricing starts at $2,995. BOXX offers flexible financing options, and all 3DBOXX workstations are backed by the companys renowned technical support, which ensures that vfx artists always get the most out of their investment.

BOXX Technologies Inc. (, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance workstations and render nodes specifically designed to meet the high-performance and reliability requirements of digital content creators working in the 3D, animation, vfx, digital film, game development and broadcast markets. BOXXs rapid integration of cutting-edge computing technologies selected and optimized to deliver the best possible performance when running digital content creation (DCC) applications is reflected in its extensive line of uniquely featured and highly customizable systems, including BOXX APEXX 8, BOXX APEXX 4, 3DBOXX workstations, GoBOXX and RenderBOXX render nodes.