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Boom Goggles for Android Now Available

Toon Boom Animation and online kids portal Toon Goggles announce the launch of the Android version of the popular Boom Goggles app.

Montreal –Toon Boom Animation and online kids portal Toon Goggles announced the Android version of its popular Boom Goggles app.

Boom Goggles, available in the Google Play Store as both a free and a premium $2.99 version, allows Android users to explore their creative touch and animate anything by playing. The premium version includes a greater number of templates, unlimited usage of creative tools and the camera capture feature.

"Pairing with Toon Goggles, we are pleased to release this fun app for Android that enables anyone to build a strong creative bond while having fun," said Joan Vogelesang, President and Chief Executive Officer at Toon Boom.

"We here at Toon Goggles are very excited about the Boom Goggles application and look forward to its adoption by children and its use as an educational tool internationally,” said Stephen Hodge, Managing Director, Toon Goggles. “Like Toon Goggles, Toon Boom Animation holds high standards for its products and services and we are honored to have been chosen as partners for this project.”

Apple users can check out the iOS version of Toon Goggles, which was first announced last summer. Pulling full steam ahead, Toon Boom is also actively developing new apps for iPad, Windows 8 and RT.

Source: Toon Boom Animation

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