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Boll Kino Will Soon Be Alone In The Dark

Following in the footsteps of video games turned feature films such as RESIDENT EVIL and TOMB RAIDER, interactive game developer Infogrames, Inc. and Dritte/Vierte Boll Kino Beteiligungs-GmbH & Co KG (Boll Kino) are taking the horror game ALONE IN THE DARK from the computer screen to the big screen. Infogrames has sold Boll Kino the theatrical feature film rights to the classic game. Under the agreement, Boll Kino will control exclusive worldwide theatrical film rights to ALONE IN THE DARK, as well as video, DVD, television, cable and pay-per-view rights for the film. Infogrames will retain all other rights to the franchise, including rights for series on free television and cable. "Today we're seeing collaboration between Hollywood and the gaming universe at levels never experienced before," said Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames, Inc. "While the trend has largely focused on licensing Hollywood franchises for games, certain gaming franchises possess all the qualities required for a successful motion picture, and ALONE IN THE DARK is clearly one such property." Principal photography for the film is currently scheduled to commence in Vancouver in the spring of 2003, with Dr. Uwe Boll (HOUSE OF THE DEAD, HEART OF AMERICA) serving as director and producer. ALONE IN THE DARK was first introduced by Infogrames to the gaming world in 1992, and is credited with creating the survival-horror gaming genre. To date, the franchise has sold several million units worldwide. The film will be produced with Shawn Williamson of Brightlight Pictures, Inc.