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Body Part Images Get A Pulse On The Web

Leading 3D Web animation company Pulse has announced an exclusive strategic partnership with Anatomical Travelogue to bring anatomical and biological imagery to the Internet. Under the terms of the partnership, Anatomical Travelogue and Pulse will focus on creating Internet content for the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, medical e-learning, medical technology and sports, and will also collaborate on a Website for HEALTH PROFILES, a TV series that Anatomical Travelogue is currently developing. The deal brings the two companies together in their attempt to capture some of the estimated $10 billion spent each year on pharmaceutical advertising. The collaboration will set the stage for the development of 3D environments where users can fly through a human body, view a virtual surgery or see how drugs work. "Without compromising the quality of our work, with Pulse's technology we can optimize our images of the interior of the human body, from the molecular level up to the gross anatomy, for the Internet, and create the medically accurate and engaging interactive content that both educators and markers are looking for today," said Anatomical Travelogue President and CEO Alexander Tsiaras. Anatomical Travelogue is a Manhattan-based company that has developed proprietary technology used to process biological and medical data to create real 3D images of the interior of the human body.