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Blur Travels Back In Time For New Pac-Man Spots

Blur Studio has created a new CGI spot promoting Hasbro Interactive's new CD-Rom game PAC-MAN: ADVENTURES IN TIME. In the spot, Pac-Man is pursued through a maze by a quartet of ravenous ghosts and once cornered he turns toward the camera and leaps through the screen. The ghosts follow Pac-Man into the real world but are stymied when he swallows a "Magic Power Pill." "We went for a styling that was not quite photo-real," said Blur Studio CG supervisor Aaron Powell. "It's a softer look achieved through lighting and contrast." Blur Studio's credits include Tim Miller, creative director; Aaron Powell, CG supervisor; Sherry Wallace, coordinating producer; and Paul Taylor, Noel McGinn and Sam Gebhardt as animators. Blur used 3D Studio Max for modeling and animation and Digital Fusion for compositing. The commercial was produced for New York ad agency Griffin Bacal.

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