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Blur Studio Designs And Produces Open For TLC's Robotica

Venice, Californias Blur Studio's broadcast design division recently created a show open for ROBOTICA, The Learning Channel's new 1-hour robot competition series airing on Wednesday nights. Creative director Tim Brown came up with the piece's innovative design, centering on a chrome-plated, flying robot that mounts an aggressive assault on the television screen. Blur Studio concept artist Feng Shu designed the robot character and 3D artist Juan Granja modeled and animated it. Blur Studio also handled the production of the open, composed entirely of photo-real 3D computer animation. In the open, a spinning, orb-shaped robot flies toward the television screen and makes a series of attempts to break through the glass. It turns this way and that, and employs various armatures, whirling saw blades and pinchers to burst the barrier. Ultimately, the robot extends a metallic arm tipped by a broad platen, and uses it in one final lunge to shatter the screen. When the arm retracts, it reveals the word "Robotica" embossed across the face of the platen. The Learning Channel has also opted to use Blur's robot character in bumpers and promos for the show. "The animation far exceeded our hopes. It is so much bigger and better than we dreamed it would be," executive producer Don Weiner said. "The robot became much more than a show open, it became the mascot for the show. It captured the look and feel of ROBOTICA perfectly. It's the essence of the concept come to life."