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Blur Studio Animates NBCi.Com Branding Campaign

Blur Studio has finished the character design and 3D animation for a new TV campaign promoting The project, which brings to life the peacock and the "i" from the logo, was conceived by Riverstreet Productions. In the first spot, the peacock comes to a crossroad in the information super highway. The "i" whips out his laptop and soon enough the peacock and him are cruising down the road in a red convertible headed for the NBCi Website. The second spot has the "i" removing its dot and balancing on it like a trained seal. "The peacock, representing television, is the more powerful and conservative character,' said Riverstreet Productions president Michael Blum. "The 'i' is impish and nutty, a computer savvy nerd. We knew immediately that we wanted Blur for this project. The reason is not only do they have the capacity to pull off an important project like this, they have the passion. It makes a big difference in pressure situation to work with people who take deadlines and quality seriously." Blur Studio's creative director Tim Miller said, "It was a chance to do character-centric animation, something that we love, as well as to show the fun and cool things you can do on" The character concepts were developed by Blur Studio's Chuck Wojtkiewicz.

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