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Blur Follows Aunt Luisa With Sci-Fi Short

Blur Studio, whose acclaimed AUNT LUISA short will screen at the SIGGRAPH Conference (July 29-31, 2003), is producing a 7-minute sci-fi adventure as a change of pace. The untitled computer-animated project, directed by Blur co-founder/creative director Tim Miller, is about a fisherman in the far future that catches more than he bargained for.

Miller told VFXWorld that after holding an internal contest, which resulted in some 30 submissions, the company gave the thumbs up to the action-filled alien fish tale. Unlike the funny and cartoony AUNT LUISA, this one will offer realistic surfaces, lighting and effects, and stylized characters. "The look of the alien desert planet will resemble PITCH BLACK," Miller added. "It will have heavily post-processed rock, sky and light definitely tweaked." It will be shot at 2K resolution in CinemaScope.

Miller, who is rushing to finish the short to meet the Oct. 1, 2003 Oscar deadline for next year's shorts competition, said he is using 3ds max for all of the 3D work, Digital Fusion for compositing, Photoshop for textures and Premiere for editorial. Blur has already done major models along with the storyboard and 3D animatics. One character, a dog-like alien creature, will be keyframed, while the fisherman will be motion-captured in an experimental way for Blur, in which the filter keys will be kept down and the character will be keyframed on top of that.

Meanwhile, Blur is currently working on a long-format CG animation project for Disney as well as many other projects.