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Blue Sky Lays Off Animation Staff

Blue Sky Studios, currently at work on the upcoming CG animation feature ICE AGE, has laid off a significant number of their animators. Sources say approximately 100 people have been let go, which could not be confirmed by Fox as of press time. However, a Fox rep did concur that animators have been laid off because the studio is ramping down as principle animation on ICE AGE is nearing completion. The Fox corporate representative also said that Blue Sky has a project in development that has not yet been announced. ICE AGE, directed by Chris Wedge, hits theatres on March 15, 2002 and its two smash trailers have generated quite a buzz. Blue Sky is a tremendous success story having gone from effects work on feature films (JOES APARTMENT, FIGHT CLUB) and TV (THE SOPRANOS) to winning an Oscar for BUNNY and producing its own completely digital feature in a matter of a few short years.

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