Search form Sci-fi Cartoon Launches Across the Web, a syndicated science-fiction Web cartoon series, announced their launch on more than 40 science-fiction, cartoon and general-interest entertainment Websites, including Time Warner Cable's Road Runner networks,,, and According to company founder Steve Conley, was created specifically for web distribution with an eye toward the mainstream movie-going audience. The character designs and stories were built with the limitations of web animation in mind. animators kept the size of the animation small (400x150 pixels) to simulate the widescreen format and to speed playback. The series is essentially pantomime to avoid lip synching problems and the need for voice talent. As Conley explained, each story arc runs six to eight Webisodes, which add up to a 20+ minute short film. The series is created with Macintosh computers, with all animation done in Flash. All figure work is "painted' in Flash and 3D models are used for backgrounds. The final Webisodes are exported to just about every popular file format for both web browsers and handheld computers. "The response to the first episode has been just incredible," said Conley. "We want to do for web animation what groundbreaking films like TOY STORY and STAR WARS did for feature films." For more information visit