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Blogs: RFP Review: Watchmen (2009) (****)

From Rick's Flicks Picks

I am a WATCHMEN comic fan. I think it’s important to say that right from the start, because it informs my perspective on Zack Snyder’s film rendition. The material works better as a comic, where it finds a perfect middle ground between the visual and the literary. On the screen, it doesn’t have the visceral drive that made THE DARK KNIGHT a thrill ride as well as a work of pop art. That doesn’t mean WATCHMEN isn’t a work of pop art. Those unfamiliar with the original material might be quite perplexed with this heady superhero drama. This isn’t Bang! Boom! Whomp! material. It’s superheroes going through an existential crisis, wrapped around a murder mystery. A murder mystery that might just involve all of mankind.

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