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Blogs: Desowitz at SIGGRAPH 2009: Day 5

written by Bill Desowitz for Animated Travels

The exhibition has closed but the conference continues on this last day, with 3-D screenings (including some new Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs footage) and E-Tech still attracting lots of attention, even spread out in several rooms and isolated on the third floor. The emphasis is on interactive sensory techniques. And what’s hot? “The interconnectivity between the machine and human,” asserted Manabu Sakurai, Emerging Technologies chair. “If you see the gaming industry, your console is not just a game console anymore — part of your body is the game console. And the machine understands your natural movements. And then, in an opposite way, the display, what you see is also getting closer to humans. The key word is 3-D.”

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