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Blockbuster Rolls Out Retail Games, Hardware And Accessories

Blockbuster has rolled out retail video games and game hardware to all U.S. corporate-owned Blockbuster stores as part of a broader plan to significantly expand its game business.

Now, for the first time, customers can go into any U.S. corporate-owned Blockbuster store and purchase video game titles, hardware and accessories for the Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS game systems. In addition to expanding its retail games offering, Blockbuster is adding more game titles for rental with more copies than before across all platforms.

Blockbuster is featuring its expanded game offerings -- including hardware and accessories, along with rental and retail titles such as MARIO KART and the soon-to-be-released GRAND THEFT AUTO IV -- on the new release wall in a specially designated game section.

Blockbuster will also be implementing a variety of special consumer game offers, such as an exclusive Sony PS3 movie and game bundle. The bundle, available at corporate-owned stores for around $500, includes a 40GB Sony PS3 game console that also plays Blu-ray DVDs, PS3/Blu-ray DVD remote, HDMI cable, SPIDER-MAN 3 Blu-ray disc, TRANSFORMERS PS3 game and a Blockbuster 12-week PS3/Blu-ray rental card that entitles users to one free PS3 or Blu-ray rental per week for 12 consecutive weeks.