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Blockbuster Action Fuses With Technology In The Getaway

See for yourself whether THE GETAWAY succeeds in blurring the line between movies and video games as this highly anticipated 3D action game for PlayStation2 is now available in the U.S. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Team Soho, THE GETAWAY fuses interactive gaming and cinematic films into one medium, providing players with a one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment experience. Set in London, THE GETAWAY features 40 square kilometers of photo-realistically recreated London blocks and street corners, creating the most technological and realistic reenactment of a city ever seen in a video game. "The power of PlayStation 2 allowed us to incorporate cinematic and photographic images from real-life locations and environments to make this the most realistic replication of any city ever seen in a video game," said Brendan McNamara, director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "We approached the development of the game in the same way as you would a movie -- from writing the script, building real sets and hiring professional actors -- fusing game and film production techniques into one medium. Our goal was to create a video game as culturally significant as film, and THE GETAWAY delivers on that promise. We believe this will change people's perceptions of videogaming and raise the industry standard to a whole new level." In the game, the player is a retired bank robber that must return to his life of crime in an effort to save his son from an evil mob boss. The setting is a 30-mile section of London and the game features more than 100 life-like characters. THE GETAWAY has been rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB.